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How does your business look on a smartphone or tablet? People are using their mobile devices more than ever to search the internet and, if you want to win them over, you have to look great on their phones and tablets as well as their PCs and laptops. The look, feel and functionality needs to be simplistic and clear with an easy route to access information, make contact or place an order. At Footprint Media we help you harness the latest mobile technology so your business can reap the benefits.


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Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go

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Mobile Websites

Transform your image and functionality across all platforms


Open your website on a smartphone or tablet and you might be in for a shock. If your website isn't user friendly or doesn’t look good on a mobile phone or tablet, the chances are you will be losing business to your competitors. Is it easy for your customers to interact with your website and take action with an order or enquiry?

Google also favours websites that adapt well to different mobile devices so a poor website could be harming your position on the search engines. Footprint Media creates vibrant responsive websites that automatically adjust themselves to present your business perfectly on modern smartphones and tablet computers – so they suit the way today’s busy people browse the internet. A content management system allows you to update news and events instantly.

Mobile-websitesTry looking at this website on your phone or tablet to see what we mean.


Business Apps

Differentiate your business and be one step ahead of the competition


Websites are reactive - people need to choose to visit, but your App will be proactive - allowing you to send alerts directly to users' phones and tablets. These 'push messages' are typically opened by over 90% of App users, as opposed to just the few % who open a typical email campaign.

Having your own mobile app to work in conjunction with your new mobile-friendly website will bring even better results. All your business information and marketing communication is in one place. Your app can help drive extra traffic to your new website. You can even use it to help build your social media following. Here are just some of the ways an App will work for your business:

  • Communicate news more directly and effectively than email
  • Promote events, products and offers... and follow up afterwards
  • Include information about your key products and services
  • Drive more enquiries from both new and existing customers
  • Your brand and contact details in your customers’ pockets - always!



Customer Testimonials

BOLLE SAFETY: We needed to bring all our sales, marketing and technical information together for our field sales people and distributors in order to ensure that information and contacts were always up to date and easily available - The Bollé Safety App has enabled us to improve our communication throughout the entire sales process.

LEGAL EYE: The Legal Eye App went live in February 2013 and we have had such a positive response to it from the industry – It has definitely opened doors for Legal Eye. We have met many firms at events and through our networking that have downloaded our App and who refer back to it regularly to obtain precedents of documents they are looking for and also updates. The message alert system is a great tool for Legal Eye as we keep the firms up to date on what they need for their policies and procedures and importantly referring them to the services that Legal Eye offers. The App has definitely resulted in us winning new work.

Introducing our new mobile assessment app
Your organisation’s people and operations


Do you have engineers, compliance operatives or trainers working out in the field? Or indeed anyone who currently has to report findings on paper and transpose to a PC? MobiForm is a new form building App that allows you to create almost any form, branded for your business. The forms are completed digitally, on a table computer and can include images, drawings, GPS lcoation and electronic signatures among many exciting features.

This is an indispensible tool that will greatly speed up your reporting process!

AUDIT systems and processes
ASSESS people and equipment
SURVEY sites and buildings
CHECK compliance and efficiency
MONITOR ongoing performance
REPORT faster and more accurately

Contact us for a demonstration of how MobiForm will save you time and resources.


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